Hemlock Printers – a venerable print shop in Vancouver – ​recently celebrated their 50th anniversary and I was lucky enough to write some music to help them reach their half century in style.

Orchestrated by the talented Jarmain Productions, I spent a day wandering their Burnaby location with a backpack full of microphones, recording printing machines from the distant past and those that look liks they’re from the future. Taking those sounds home, I cleaned up the audio, and orchestrated a growing symphony of whirrs and clacks to help narrate Hemlock’s long and successful history.

As usual with Jarmain Productions, everything went smoothly at a quick pace, and PostPro Media did a great job putting everything together. Thanks again to all of the staff at Hemlock for taking such good care of us! They were all so good and enthused about helping me get the audio I needed. I only wish I had longer to explore the buzz of the factory.