Necrobarista: Final Pour

Necrobarista: Final Pour — Soundtrack Release

Final Pour is the last chapter in the Necrobarista saga, bringing this tale about coffee and letting go to an end.

The original release was helmed by Kevin Penkin on composer duties — and I backed him up with music production and some light writing — but sadly, he was unable to join us in the finale.

That put me in charge of composition (and everything else), so I hope I did him and the Necrobarista universe justice!

For the release of the soundtrack, I snuck in a remix of one of my favourite pieces from Kevin in a reverb-drenched style iconic of my earlier work.

Interested in trying the game? The excellent crew at Route 59 have it available on Apple Arcade, Nintendo, and Steam storefronts!

LNG Studios: The Future of Real Estate AR

LNG Studios: The Future of Real Estate AR

Just a short update to say I did the music direction and edits on this glimpse into the (near) future of real estate and AR. (All music here was sourced from stock sites.)

The video was put together by the talented folks over at LNG Studios (who I used to rent an office from and miss very much).

Very glad I got to join them on this, even from afar!

We Won! Best Score in the Crunchyroll Anime Awards for 神之塔 -Tower of God-

We won! With Kevin "Anime King" Penkin at the helm, 神之塔 -Tower of God- won Best Score in the 2021 Crunchyroll Anime Awards!

I played an incredibly small part in this with my song "Lero Ro" — a dark electronic piece that opens up in the end — but it's still gratifying to be part of such a POWERFUL group of musicians on this!

Congratulations again to everyone involved on the soundtrack, and if you haven't seen Tower of God yet, it's GOOD! Expect a lot of turtles, obfuscations, layers of intrigue — and obviously those slamming Penkin jams.

Tower of God, Soundtrack by Kevin Penkin and friends (including yours truly)

神之塔 -Tower of God- — Soundtrack Announcement

I love working with Kevin Penkin. He’s really talented, forever kind, and always brings me along on crazy musical adventures. There’s one in particular I’ve been very excited about, and it -just- got announced. I’m very happy to join Kevin and his entourage on the soundtrack for the upcoming anime of Tower of God!

I wish I could share more, but all will be revealed on April 1st, 2020 when the show goes live on Crunchyroll.

Release Me feat Serena Sun

As the adages go, time flies and life gets busy. It's been six years since "Know You (Voices Remix)", but with Serena back in town, we're excited to give music another go!

In "Release Me", Serena whispers, protests, and wrestles over how her last relationship ended. I backed her words with long, drawn-out chords, limping rhythms, and wandering textures. We made sure to structure the song for pop-centric listeners as well. It's different, but we're both quite pleased with how it came out.

That said, we haven't abandoned our old sound! I recognize that "Know You" had a following (thanks largely to Isosine) and I wanted to do a remix that leaned on that same minimalistic, keys-and-drums approach.

Ready to grab your own copy? You can find "Release Me" and its remix on all major stores. We also put together wallpapers for your computer and phone, and a press kit, should you want to cover it.

As always, thank you for listening and for all of your support, friends!