Clarius Wireless Ultrasound

Clarius is a wireless, handheld ultrasound device that produces high-resolution images for most iOS or Android devices. They just received FDA clearance, so if you're in healthcare, you can get your own right now!

Fantasy Football Coach

Fantasy Football Coach (FFC)

Early this year, I got to work alongside V2 Games on their then-upcoming Fantasy Football Coach. Now that the game's hit worldwide release, I'm excited to share some of the audio with you!

Here's the official game bio:

Take fantasy football to the next level in this fast-paced strategic football management game where fantasy and reality finally meet!

This is the REAL football experience you’ve been waiting for, where you create your own Pro Football team and build a dynasty. Be the coach. Create your own team of top pro players and go head-to-head with friends and rivals. Pick your starters, upgrade your players, and devise winning strategies that lead your team to victory.

Join in anytime, anywhere and become a coaching legend. Play quick, epic games, in live PvP match-ups to earn in-game rewards. Collect and train the best players to crush your opponents with your all-star team!

Sound like your kind of jam? It's available right now for free on iOS and Android!

Blind Six

Blind Six feat Rina Pellerin

Blind Six is a dance short by Jarmain Productions featuring the ever-talented Rina Pellerin - and music by yours truly. As always, Philip Jarmain assembled an all-star crew for this production and they all deserve some love!

DP / Creative - Philip Jarmain
Dancer - Rina Pellerin
Wardrobe - Shiva Shabani
Hair - Johanna Libbey
Make-up - Kelsey Fitzpatrick
Set Painter - Emily Helsdon
Illustrator - Ian Judson
Colourist - Randy Egan
Editor - Jordan Taylor
D.I.T. - Kezia Nathe
Music Composer - Jeremy Lim

I'm still figuring out an extended version of the track, but hopefully, you'll be hearing this again soon in the coming year!

Lost and Longing - Jeremy Lim

Lost and Longing

A year ago, life went sour, and I lost much of my digital life. Photos, documents, music, memories - all of it evaporated overnight - including my Japan-inspired EP, Mizu. I remember laying on the floor, numb; I don't know for how long. Today, only Mizu's album art survives, so in its memory, we have Lost and Longing.

The song's a chillstep piece that is very much like Uncharted. It prefaces something bigger, and coincidentally, it also shares Uncharted's key and instrumentation. In the back of my head, I've been wanting to upgrade the Into Ether EP sound, so it's funny how that came together.

Like it? Then I have a favour to ask! I'm working on growing YouTube and Spotify, so if you enjoyed Lost and Longing, it'd mean a lot for this song to be a part of your likes, favourites, playlists, and/or collections. If streaming isn't your thing, is also available over at iTunes and Bandcamp.

As always, thanks so much for your kindness and support, guys!

P.S. As an aside, if you own sensitive data, please look into buying an uninterruptible power supply and off-site data backups; I use a CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD and CrashPlan. Stuff blows up - literally - and it HURTS when it does. Local backups aren't enough.

Tap My Katamari: "Katamari on the Swing" feat Katelyn Isaacson

Growing up, Katamari Damacy​ was a big part of my childhood, one that I loved for its quirks and especially its soundtrack. Thanks to the folks at BANDAI NAMCO Studios​, I got to be a small part of the latest in the franchise, Tap My Katamari! Teenage me would be squealing right now.

Big ups to Katelyn Isaacson for lending her vocals on the project! Katamari on the Swing was my favourite song from the series, and I couldn't have done it without her.

Whether you're a star-making veteran or you'll be rolling your first ball, be sure to give Tap My Katamari a download! The development team captured much of the series' charms, and there are lots of great nods to the game's forebears. Watch out for the Noby Noby Boy cameo!