Blind Six

Blind Six feat Rina Pellerin

Blind Six is a dance short by Jarmain Productions featuring the ever-talented Rina Pellerin - and music by yours truly. As always, Philip Jarmain assembled an all-star crew for this production and they all deserve some love!

DP / Creative - Philip Jarmain
Dancer - Rina Pellerin
Wardrobe - Shiva Shabani
Hair - Johanna Libbey
Make-up - Kelsey Fitzpatrick
Set Painter - Emily Helsdon
Illustrator - Ian Judson
Colourist - Randy Egan
Editor - Jordan Taylor
D.I.T. - Kezia Nathe
Music Composer - Jeremy Lim

I'm still figuring out an extended version of the track, but hopefully, you'll be hearing this again soon in the coming year!