Kollectv featuring Lilian Leopold

Kollectv feat Lilian Leopold

Featuring Lilian Leopold, this latest short by Kollectv takes us on a romp through some of my favourite places in the world, the trails of North Vancouver.

The creative was looking for a hybrid sound, a blend of tribal and nature-inspired tones sitting on an electronic foundation. Narratively, we wanted to paint the picture of a hunt, one that would escalate throughout the piece. As always with this team, I was more than happy to oblige with an original score.

If you liked this, we also worked together on commercials for the Vancouver Art Gallery and Kal Tire that you might enjoy. Thanks as always for listening!

Blind Six

Blind Six feat Rina Pellerin

Blind Six is a dance short by Jarmain Productions featuring the ever-talented Rina Pellerin - and music by yours truly. As always, Philip Jarmain assembled an all-star crew for this production and they all deserve some love!

DP / Creative - Philip Jarmain
Dancer - Rina Pellerin
Wardrobe - Shiva Shabani
Hair - Johanna Libbey
Make-up - Kelsey Fitzpatrick
Set Painter - Emily Helsdon
Illustrator - Ian Judson
Colourist - Randy Egan
Editor - Jordan Taylor
D.I.T. - Kezia Nathe
Music Composer - Jeremy Lim

I'm still figuring out an extended version of the track, but hopefully, you'll be hearing this again soon in the coming year!