Rare DIsease Foundation: Whole Picture Ad

Rare Disease Foundation: "Whole Picture"

Last week, I wrote some music for the Rare Disease Foundation​. I feel like I’ve lived a privileged life. Even in dark times, I’ve always been guided to a way to make things better. Let’s make sure these folks find one too.

Well done to the good people at 123w for the creative! Here's their description of the piece:

"Nearly 3 million Canadians have a rare disease. With as little as $3,500, the Rare Disease Foundation can fund the research needed to cure one. To lay out the facts—and show the impact even a small donation can have—we turned a class photo into a living infographic. Lena, a little girl suffering from a rare disease in real life, stands alone. Her classmates appear and disappear around her as the statistics are read, highlighting just how little money is needed to help cure children like her."

Want to help? Learn more about the Rare Disease Foundation.