Thank you for your interest in my Spotify playlists! Your success is important to me; please read this guide so we can get you placed more often.

I’d Love to Hear From You, but Please Don’t Email or DM Songs

It’s always nice meeting music folks, but I’m afraid I can’t accept songs over email or direct messages. I much prefer SubmitHub for its streamlined experience; Groover also works. Thanks for understanding, all!

Consider Fit Before Submitting

I consider songs for their TECHNICAL MERIT -and- AESTHETIC FIT. Very often, I’ll like a song, but won’t have a channel for it.

PLEASE listen to the playlist you’re submitting to and verify that your work fits. Traits I look for include (but are not exclusive to):

  • Arrangement
  • Energy levels and flow
  • Flourishes (e.g. noise crackle, nature sounds, etc.)
  • Genre
  • Instrumentation
  • Lyrical style
  • Mixing style and quality
  • Mood
  • Rhythm pacing and density
  • Sound design
  • Subject matter
  • Tempo
  • Tone and timbre
  • Vocal tone and processing.

Know My Background and Motives

I’m a musician too, so I’m rooting for you! That said, because of my background, my requirements more stringent than most — especially on the technical and aesthetic sides.

Some tidbits on how I operate:

  • While I want to help all artists, I especially want to lift up minorities and fellow Canadians. If you belong to either groups, please tell me in your send!
  • I’m fond of non-English music! French, Spanish, and Korean are my favourites, but I’m open to other languages as well.
  • Lyrically, I prefer abstractions and analogies over plain statements.
  • I learn towards unique interpretations over soundalikes.
  • I usually prefer modern aesthetics over vintage ones.
  • My lists include major and independent music, but I prefer promoting smaller creators.
  • I’m sleepy and so are my playlists. With the exception of the exercise lists, my selections are dominantly VERY slow and chilled.

I Need to Hear Your Words Clearly

Hazy aesthetics are are good, but I care a lot about lyrical content. Know that I may reject your song if I can’t discern your words.

Avoid Sending These Elements

Please know I seldom (or never) accept:

  • Political content
  • Hateful or malicious content
  • Heavy use of vocal processing (e.g. autotune, etc.) or mumbling
  • Unfinished or uneven mixes (PLEASE only send finalized audio)
  • DEEP twang
  • Recordings of birds or other loud animals (you would not believe how often this is a deciding factor)
  • Recordings of kids playing
  • Recordings of spoken word (in large quantities).

No Ultra-Long Songs

In the interest of getting everyone playtime, please only send songs under 10 minutes in length.

Finished Tracks Only

I realize some folks look for pre-release feedback, but I need to consider how songs will fit into playlists. Unfortunately, that means I can only take finalized tracks.

Not All Playlists Are Equal

Full disclosure: Flow State and Focus Instrumentals are my main lists and receive the most listens. Please take this into account and make sure your spend is worthwhile!

Playlist-Specific Tips

Each playlist has distinct needs. Here are some guidelines for the most-frequented ones:

Flow Beats

  • Largely progressive house, deep house, and tech house, but can include other flow-centric genres.
  • Songs are often under 128BPM.
  • Instrumentation shouldn’t include aggressive or buzzy tones. (I love saws, but usually filtered.)
  • Atmospheric feel and organic sound design are encouraged.
  • Repetitive motifs are good if they evolve over time.

Flow State

  • Largely lo-fi hiphop and downtempo instrumentals. Vocals can work in small quantities.
  • Leans towards clean, organic aesthetics instead of dusty, retro ones.
  • Heavy pitch wavering and repetitive sampling are strongly discouraged.
  • Harmonic progressions should resolve cleanly, pleasantly, and expand over time.
  • Prominent, catchy motifs are great when used in moderation.
  • Rhythms should promote momentum but not be so busy that they distract the listener.

Focus Instrumentals

  • Gentle, slow, sparse, minimalistic, and unobtrusive pieces.
  • Largely solo piano. On rare occasions, other instruments work but they must be INCREDIBLY subdued.
  • Tempos should be slow and articulations soft throughout.
  • Constant, unwavering motifs (e.g. repeating broken chords, arpeggios, etc.) seldom work because they can feel like marching. If they have flowing qualities, they may fit.
  • Accepted songs have a minimum of drama.

Slow Down

  • Largely ambient and highly subdued instrumentals. Imagine floating in still water.
  • The mood should be peaceful and serene above all else.
  • A minimum amount of fluttering or oscillating elements. Slow movement only!
  • Noisy textures, bell-like tones, tense harmonies, dramatic shifts, and percussion seldom fit.

Lazy Days

  • Imagine yourself swaddled in a blanket, cradling a cup of hot chocolate. If the song supports that image, it’s a good fit.
  • Songs are typically sleepy instrumentals, slow crooning, or subdued beats.

The Deck

  • Imagine yourself melting into a couch, favourite drink in hand, and favourite person in the other. The night is full of discourse – and hopefully intrigue. That’s the vibe.
  • Low tempos and groove are key. Sophistication and interest are important. Restraint is also appreciated.
  • The mood is dark, ambiguous, and chilled. “Slinky” or “childlike” are too far on either side.
  • Songs are typically sultry hip hop beats, lo-fi instrumentals, or R&B crooners.

The Demographic Lists (e.g. Sirens, Orpheus, East, etc.)

  • Each asks for high quality writing, productions, and performances, but are otherwise open to most genres and moods — so long as they fit the demographic requirement (e.g. female singers for Sirens, etc.).

Other Playlists

Interested in the other lists? Please listen to their recent additions for reference.

Send One Song at a Time

Please send one song at a time. It’s often best to get feedback on a track, see where things might — or might not — fit, then tailor future submissions from there. Save yourself money and time!

Want Specific Feedback? Ask for It!

I want you to get the most of our engagement! This isn’t an offer to do a full mix review, but if you want thoughts on a specific element, please point it out so I can be more helpful.

A Perspective on Declines

I know the sting of being turned down, but please know it’s just a mismatch of goals.

So, if I turn down a song, I know it hurts, but please take note of what’s said. It’s only meant to help you decide what to send — and figure out if I’m the right match for you. If I’m not, I encourage you to send your music elsewhere and get the most of your time and budget.

Ready to Go?

Target carefully and best of luck, friends! I look forward to hearing your work!