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Spotify Playlist Submission Guide

Thank you for your interest in the Playlist Series! Please follow the guidelines below for more successful submissions:

Send Submissions via SubmitHub

Please send all submissions via SubmitHub for its streamlined process. Due to an overwhelming number of requests, I’m afraid I can’t accept songs by email or social channels.

Consider Fit Before Submitting

Songs are considered based on their MUSICAL MERIT -and- AESTHETIC FIT. PLEASE review the playlist you’re submitting to CAREFULLY and verify that your work is a match. Traits I look for include (but are not exclusive to):

  • Genre
  • Tempo
  • Mood
  • Instrumentation
  • Arrangement
  • Energy flow
  • Rhythm density
  • Tone and timbre
  • Mix
  • Subject matter

Understand My Background

I’m an artist and music producer too. I know what it’s like getting your music out there, so I’m rooting for you!

That said, I take music very seriously, so my requirements are VERY stringent and declines do happen because of technical issues. My lists are also incredibly specific in their asks and have unique personalities. What works for other curators may not work for me.

Avoid Sending These Elements

I want you to make the most of your budget. Please know I seldom or never accept:

  • Political content
  • Hateful or malicious content
  • Overt uses of autotune
  • Recordings of birds
  • Recordings of kids playing
  • Recordings of retro spoken word (in large quantities).

Know Some Playlist-Specific Tips

Flow Beats

  • Largely progressive house, deep house, and tech house, but can include other four-on-the-floor or flow-centric dance genres, given that the song encourages a sense of flow.
  • Additions are virtually never faster than 128BPM.
  • Instrumentation shouldn’t include aggressive, buzzy, or strong tones.
  • Atmospheric feel and organic sound design are encouraged, but not to a point where they’re overwhelming
  • Repetitive motifs are good if they evolve in texture.

Flow State

  • Largely lo-fi hiphop and downtempo
  • Leans towards cleaner, organic aesthetics instead of dusty, retro ones
  • Heavy pitch wavering and repetitive sampling are strongly discouraged
  • Ideal songs have a sense of momentum, either through arrangement or rhythm, while remaining uncluttered.

Focus Instrumentals

  • Largely solo piano pieces. On rare occasions, guitar, harp, or bowed string pieces make it, but they must be INCREDIBLY subdued.
  • Tempos should be slow and articulations soft throughout
  • Constant, unwavering motifs (e.g. repeating broken chords, arpeggios, etc.) seldom work because they can feel like marching.

Slow Down

  • Largely ambient and subdued instrumentals
  • The mood should be peaceful and serene above all else
  • Noisy textures, tense harmonies, dramatic shifts, and percussion of any kind seldom fit.

Other Playlists

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Review My Feedback

Got declined? Sorry on that – but please review my notes so we can improve your placement rate in the future.

Ready to Go?

Best of luck! I look forward to hearing your work!