A Brit and a Broad in El Salvador

Chae and I were stolen away on another jaunt with the A Brit and A Broad crew - this time to El Salvador! It's always so kind of them to have us, and with footage like this, we were very happy to oblige.

Enjoy the track? Stream it on YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud, or get your own copy on iTunes or Bandcamp.

Lonely Planet: A Brit and a Broad in Costa Rica

The ever-charming team over at A Brit and A Broad brought Anna Toth and I along for their latest journey to Costa Rica. Thanks so much to Lonely Planet for having all of us on their YouTube channel!

Like the track? You can grab "I Dare You (Faster) (Jeremy Lim's Sunset Remix)" on Bandcamp, or listen to it on YouTube and Soundcloud.

A Brit and a Broad in Vancouver

In the past few years, I've met a lot of really talented people. (You're going to hear me say this a lot.) Today, I'd like to introduce you another one of them, Brian Ceci. If I were a cinematographer, I'd model after him. Every time I see his work, I just want to get up and explore the world. Brilliant storyteller and I'm so pumped to have joined him in the early stages of his latest project - A Brit and a Broad

Featuring Macca Sherifi and Brianna Wiens, A Brit and Abroad is a travel video blog that brings people and places to you. They just started their journey here in Vancouver and are about to make their way down through Central America. For a better look at their plan, I'll defer to their website.

Like the music? The introduction video features Uncharted from Into Ether EP, and the Vancouver piece, a custom track I rushed together for the video. I've yet to decide, but it might resurface later as full track; just have to find it a home.