6 Skills You Need to Compose Video Game Soundtracks, According to the Pros

6 Skills You Need to Compose Video Game Soundtracks

Writing game music was the childhood dream, so it's always nice to talk about process. The good Dante Fumo invited me and a few of my peers to talkabout our workflows. My excerpt:

"Games are magical because of the agency they offer. In linear mediums like music albums or films, you're swept along the narrative. But in games, the players guide the story—and everyone's story is different, so game music must be malleable. Since the player dictates the pace, songs must be broken down into segments that can repeat indefinitely, as well as climax or attenuate at a moment's notice. This is done by adding or removing layers or transitioning into new segments on the fly."

If you're interested in hearing more , you can give the article it a read on Reverb.com.

Thanks so much again to Dante and Reverb for having me in this article and good job to all those involved!