New Soundtrack: “Reminisce (Tourism50)” for YourSingapore’s #rediscoversg Campaign

Growing up, I spent many wonderful summers in Singapore at my Grandmother’s. Sadly, swept up by the country’s growth, the house is now gone, but the fondest of memories remain, and they forever cement Singapore as my second home.

Yesterday, the Singapore Tourism Board released a retrospective on its country, a video to celebrate the 50th anniversary of tourism development in Singapore – and I got to score the music. I’m ENORMOUSLY proud to have been a part of this and of the team at GRAIN for putting it all together. Thank you for bringing me on board!

If you’ve never been, find your loosest shorts and go! If there’s one thing that never changes about Singapore, it’s the amazing food, and you’re going to want to eat all of it.

To all those dear to me in Singapore – I love you guys so much. I pray I did your memories justice!

I’m re-tooling the music for public consumption, so if you’d like a copy, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll write once it’s ready!

Update: 2014/03/04
Ah! I made it onto Channel NewsAsia!

Interview: The Artist Within – Jeremy Lim

Scoring your own story is weird.

Last month, I had the honour of joining Justin Lam of Three Sixty Photography for the inaugural episode of his interview series, “The Artist Within Project”. I talk in brief about what music means to me and where things go from here.

For my piece, he went for a theme of discovery and inspiration. Charged with scoring the short, I created an extended version of “First Time” that dovetailed into a blend of “Uncharted” and “Know You (Voices Remix)” – two tracks where I really found my sound. Early in, it was going to crescendo into an original, strings-heavy section, but when everything clicked, it made sense to end with a beginning.

Enjoy! We’d both love to hear what you think!

New DJ Mix: Roots 0004 – Hug a Turtle (Future Bass x Jersey Club)

A welcome change from my usual, pumped-up fare, Roots 0004: Hug a Turtle is a short, laidback mix leaning heavily on two new favourites – Huglife and Trippy Turtle. Isosine, Nicholas Cheung, Hippie Sabotage, and LidoLido all make welcome appearances – and I finally get to drop Know You (Voices Remix) in a set.

As always, this mix and the rest of the Roots Mix Series are free to download on Facebook!

New Soundtrack Series: Time

Time Soundtrack Series

Born from the fiftytwocreatives project, “Time” is a mini soundtrack series I put together to practice different time signatures – 4/4, 2/4, and 3/4.

The image? Tokyo at night, by yours truly. For a better experience, watch it animate on YouTube.

Enjoy this? Grab a copy on Bandcamp, or swing by my soundtrack set on Soundcloud for more!

Think these tracks or something similar would be great in one of your projects? Please email me with your project details and we’ll get the ball rolling!