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Spotify Playlist Submissions

Thank you for your interest in the Playlist Series by Jeremy Lim!

For “Focus Instrumental” submissions, please send songs via SubmitHub.

For all other playlists, please use the form below. While I review each submission, aesthetic guidelines are tight and space is limited, so I’m afraid only a few select songs will make it through. That said, I look forward to hearing your music, and if your work has been accepted, I’ll be in touch.

Thank you again and best of luck!

Spotify Playlist Submission Form

Which playlist are you submitting to?
3AMAcoustic ChillAstraCardioCruiseGrooveJourneyLoungeMidnightPowerRollScatterSirensSlow DownSolSweater Weather

Are you currently following the playlist? (This does not affect eligibility, but it's nice if it's a yes!)