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Spotify Playlists for Social Distancing: Work, Exercise, and Feel-Good Music

As of writing, Vancouver’s about two weeks into its coronavirus lockdown, and frankly, I think life will stay this way for a while. It’s a sobering reality, but it’s what we need to keep everyone safe while COVID-19 continues to flatten out.

Personally? I’m starting to go stir crazy, but I’m leaning on my music collection to keep things moving. I hope it can help you too! Here are some Spotify playlists to help you get work done, exercise, and feel good at home.

For Getting Work Done

Flow State

Flow State is series of songs featuring steady rhythms and non-instrusive instrumentals to help keep you and your work day moving.

Genres: chillhop, house, lo-fi hiphop

Focus Instrumentals

If Flow State is too much, Focus Instrumentals takes it all the way down with the slowest and gentlest of piano (and sometimes guitar) solos.

Genres: neoclassical

For Exercising


Miss spin class? Then Cardio is for you. Get that same level of hype but with less humidity and yelling. (You can still twirl a towel if you want to.)

Genres: edm, g house, house, progressive house, trap


Power is for those of us who like to grunt while exercising. If you’re the sort who needs a trainer for encouragement, don’t worry, the music will scream at you instead.

Genres: edm, dubstep, drumstep, hard house, trap

For Feeling Good


Built for the warm weather, Sol is what I use to ruin my chair springs. The playlistis full of calypso rhythms, marimbas, and everything else that screams the beach.

(DON’T go to the beach. Dance at home. There are less prying eyes and viruses there.)

Genres: hiphop, house, reggaeton, tropical house


Sol’s sister playlist, Cruise is meant for long drives and new adventures. While we can’t be out wandering, hopefully this will lift your spirits as if we were.

Genres: hiphop, house, r&b

Slow Down

Can’t sleep? Me neither, but I blame that on my screen addiction. Slow Down is full of gentle ambiences and instrumentals to help lull you into a state of rest and relaxation.

Genres: ambient, neoclassical

I hope you find something in here that helps! If you’re looking for something different, I have an extensive library of playlists that covers everything from singer-songwriter ballads to arena-shaking bangers.

Stay safe and stay home, everyone! We’ll get through this together.

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