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“Reminisce (Tourism50)” for the Singapore Tourism Board [Soundtrack]

Growing up, I spent many wonderful summers in Singapore at my Grandmother’s. Sadly, swept up by the country’s growth, the house is now gone, but the fondest of memories remain, and they forever cement Singapore as my second home.

Yesterday, the Singapore Tourism Board released a retrospective on its country, a video to celebrate the 50th anniversary of tourism development in Singapore – and I got to score the music. I’m ENORMOUSLY proud to have been a part of this and of the team at GRAIN for putting it all together. Thank you for bringing me on board!

If you’ve never been, find your loosest shorts and go! If there’s one thing that never changes about Singapore, it’s the amazing food, and you’re going to want to eat all of it.

To all those dear to me in Singapore – I love you guys so much. I pray I did your memories justice!

I’m re-tooling the music for public consumption, so if you’d like a copy, be sure to leave a comment and I’ll write once it’s ready!

Update: 2014/03/04
Ah! I made it onto Channel NewsAsia!

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