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Playlist Series by Jeremy Lim

Introducing the Playlist Series on Spotify

Twelve months ago, I started a deep dive into my Spotify account to analyze and help cement my tastes. I had no idea it would balloon into a series of over 20 playlists. I’m happy to say that -finally-, the collection is refined enough to share as a whole. From meandering piano ballads to chair-busting bangers and beyond, I hope you find something you love in there!

Peruse the whole collection, or if you need a suggestion, try one of these:

  • Cruise: Feel-good jams for road trips and cruising around town.
  • Flow State: Steady low and mid-tempo jams to keep you in the zone.
  • Focus Instrumentals: Quiet instrumentals for studying, working, and getting things done. [The most popular playlist.]
  • Lounge: Laidback hip hop, R&B, and soul to take things down. [The most heavily-curated list at the moment.]
  • Roll: Hip hop and trap bounce.
  • Rotation: An evolving list of favourites. [The most frequently-updated playlist.]
  • Slow Down: A soundtrack for slowing down at the end of the day.
  • Sol: Summery songs for the warm weather.

As always, thank you for listening! Want to pitch your own music? Please send along your Spotify playlist submissions.

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