While the game’s still under wraps, I’ve been given the chance to showcase a couple of themes from Amnia Interactive‘s upcoming VR title, Eyes of Oom. From Amnia’s website:

Eyes of Oom is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that implements Virtual Reality (VR) technology, Meta-Data and social media to lend players a truly unique adventure involving empathy, causality and the collective subconscious. Set out by an encompassing narrative, players quest to gather as much ecological data as they can. Through the use of a Virtual Reality headset, users will take photographs, collect samples, meet denizens and explore the untouched world of Oom as an Outsider. Due to the nature of Oom, the collective effect of each Outsiders’ interaction with the ecosystem across time and space begins to manifest physically around them – usually in strange and mysterious ways. How players discover and decide to use this power is up to them.

Looking forward to showing you guys more as more of the game goes public!