We’ve been on this for over a month, but the LIFE of BRI x Scope G x ZHONG.TV x Jeremy Lim collaboration – a Chinese New Year parody rap video – is finally out!

It’s always a pleasure working with the LIFE OF BRI crew. The team includes some of the wittiest and most driven people I know. They put in a lot long hours and brought in so many people to make this project happen and I’m really glad I got to be part of it.

On the music side, putting together the track was easy. Brian pitched the idea for a parody of “Often” by The Weeknd, but more Chinese and hyped up. I put a demo together, and the team liked it, so we brought on Scope G for some extra edge to the track and hashed out the song in a couple of studio sessions.

It’s amazing how much the song evolved in that short period. We all came in with concepts, but we opted to shift directions during our first sit down. That same night, Brian and Scope G rewrote the entire thing on the fly. These guys have fast minds and such a great sense of humour. It was really inspiring watching these two go.

It’s been crazy fun for the crew and I, and we hope you dig it too! Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

Lyrics & Vox: Brian Cheung, Scope G
Cinematography: ZHONG.TV
Editing: Brian Cheung
Production: Jeremy Lim

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