If you have any love for the game industry, go join a game jam! I did my first at the Global Game Jam this past weekend and it was some of the most fun I’ve had in a very long while. I feel so much stronger and wiser for it. Many thanks to the organizers and to Yannis Fyssas and Matt Ryan from The Tree of Audio for giving all of us sound folks a home!

One of my highlights: I did some brostep for a group, and they were feeling it so much, they added in a “DROP THE BASS” cheat code (CTRL-D) to trigger the track at any point in the game. I was glowing, man. I still am. Totally made my night. You should try it!

New to the player above are three of my favourite tracks from the weekend, ranging from space shooter epic to an 8-bit romp through the woods. So pumped that I got to work on 6 titles in 48 hours!

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